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What is TheWalt?

TheWalt has been created to give recruiters the command to tell the story using data. TheWalt has been created to solve one problem; visualize your data in a trusted manner. The current market requires Recruiters to be either in an enterprise organization with an enterprise budget or neither. When you’re in a position of neither, one cannot report on their data quite simply and without an administrative burden. TheWalt is here to lift that burden for you.

How does TheWalt work?

This first version of TheWalt will require our customers to upload their data in a common format that  Excel (and ones like it) have. The second lift for the user is the data most effective to leverage TheWalt at its full capacity is numeric data. Here at TheWalt, we want our users to be our support. This means improving the product constantly. With that, the number one focus is to optimize TheWalt to be less clicks to get you to your report. Stay tuned.

Who can benefit from using TheWalt?

The number one users right now are The Recruiter. Each individual recruiter will be able to leverage TheWalt to tell their stories when speaking to Hiring Teams.

Is TheWalt suitable for my business/industry?

If your current situation has you believing something is broken in your recruiting process, TheWalt will be able to show you where, why and what to do.

What makes TheWalt different from other similar solutions?

Recruiters don't have a simple reporting solution without having to foot an enterprise product bill. The current market is controlled by enterprise products that require an enterprise subscription. Recruiters live in a tight budget environment and don’t have modern solutions at their disposal.

How can I get started with TheWalt?

Sign up! You will receive 10 free reports to give you an idea of what TheWalt has to offer. After that you have the option to be subscribed monthly or annually.

Can I use TheWalt on mobile devices?

The Mobile Web app is functional, but we recommend being on a desktop if you’re looking to upload data for your reports.

Is there a free trial available for TheWalt?

Yes! When you first sign up you will receive 10 free reports.

Do I need to install any software to use TheWalt?


What services does TheWalt offer?

TheWalts primary focus is to leverage data that gives the recruiter the command and ability to speak to their influence. TheWalt is focused on creating a Pass Through Rate Report that is visually digestible and a Time In Stage Report. We also have an Insights driven solution to help you plan on how to present this data.

How can TheWalt help improve my recruitment workflow?

TheWalt will bring you confidence in what data is being reported, visually digestible and actionable. Recruiters have a sixth sense but often not the data to support it. TheWalt will also give you guidance on what to do with this data leveraging out Insight Snacks.

Does TheWalt offer customer support?

TheWalt has a very lean but hungry team. We do have customer support and strive for a 24-48 hour response.

What type of training/support resources does TheWalt provide?

You will see TheWalt has pages dedicated to making sure you use our product in an optimal way, fast! Our customer support team is also available to even do live sessions.

How often does TheWalt receive updates/feature enhancements?

Updates currently are happening in a 2 week sprint

What security measures does TheWalt have in place to protect my data?

We’ve taken measures to make sure you sign up with Google. Second, because TheWalt leverages numeric data. The data you’ll be uploading wont have private information.

How is billing handled for TheWalt?

We partner with Stripe

Is there a minimum contract period for subscriptions?

Yes, we have a monthly option

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, we’d be bummed though..

Are there any hidden fees associated with using TheWalt?


What payment methods does TheWalt accept?

Any and all major financial institutions

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations or educational institutions?

We would love to. Please reach out to us at

Is there a refund policy for TheWalt?


Where can I find user guides/manuals for TheWalt?

You can find it on our website or here.

Do you offer onboarding assistance for new users?

We would love to. Please reach out to us at

Can I request custom guides/tutorials for specific features of TheWalt?

Yes, use our contact email:

Are there any best practices/guidelines for using TheWalt?

The first version of TheWalt leverages numeric data best. Once you upload it, you will have a digestible visual of your data showing you pass through rates. A value add will be TheWalt’s Insight Snacks. The Insight Snacks will give you consultative guidance on what to actually do on said data when you have an area of improvement identified by our software.

Can I request feature enhancements or suggest improvements for TheWalt?

Yes, use our contact email:

Where can I provide feedback about my experience with TheWalt?

We are here to make your hiring process as streamlined as possible.